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Keep Northern Illinois Beautiful
Keep Northern Illinois Beautiful

Keep Northern Illinois Beautiful


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4665 Hydraulic Rd,

Rockford, IL


(815) 637-1343

Serving the Northern Illinois Stateline since 1988, we provide environmental education to youth and adults and organize events to promote waste reduction, recycling, litter prevention and beautification.

Recycle Center 4665 Hydraulic Rd, Rockford

Recycle Center 13125 N Second St, Roscoe

Office: 5417 N 2nd St, Loves Park (no drop-offs) M-F

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Keep Northern Illinois Beautiful

Keep Northern Illinois Beautiful

13125 North 2nd Street, Roscoe


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Recent Posts

Tomorrow, Sept 25, is our big Golf Play Day! We are excited to be hosting this! And to be one of the last groups to play on Elliot is exciting. What a beautiful course! Watch for pictures of our golfers and our scholarship winner accepting her award. Fun games, amazing and unique raffle prizes, 50/50 and silent auction, food, beverages and a gorgeous day predicted. What could be better?

Thursday, September 24, 2020

When Century 21Affiliated agents aren't out showing houses, they are giving where they live and Keeping...Northern Illinois Beautiful. Perfect day to volunteer! #leavingtheworldbetterthanwefoundit #Relentless #C21AFFILIATED #recycledart

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Welcome Century 21 Affiliated! They will be greeting you today and taking your donations! Thank you to this great organization for wanting to serve our community with their time! Thank you Connie Kelly for organizing this!

Saturday, September 19, 2020

CONGRATULATIONS to our scholarship winner, Bailey Alcaraz! Bailey is a 2020 high school graduate who is attending college at the University of Wisconsin - Platteville. She will be presented with her award at our Golf Play Day on September 25. You rock Bailey!

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

It's not too late! We have a few spots left for golfers for our Sept 25 event! There is food, beverages, Axe Throwing, minnow racing, games, prizes, a raffle and more! Call us to sign up today! Shotgun start at 9 am.

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Thank you to ALL that came out to donate items for our Clothing Drive and a big shout out to our amazing VOLUNTEERS! You are the best!!

Monday, September 14, 2020

Our savior's over filled the bin and then some. Thank you volunteers and all the people that dropped off their donations today!

Saturday, September 12, 2020

It's always a little windy here at Farm & Fleet on Riverside. Great dedicated volunteers. They are on their 2nd truck. WIFR did an interview, so watch on TV. Open till 1:00. Still time to bring your clothes.

Saturday, September 12, 2020

GOOD INFO!!A Refresher: Ways to Recycle More PlasticsRecycling confusion is so common that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency says that even though nearly 75% of the waste in the United States is recyclable, we only recycle about 30% of it.To help you play your part in circularity by recycling, here are some tips for how you can recycle even more plastic.1. What to do with plastic bottlesWhen it comes to plastic bottles – meaning the neck is skinnier than the body – recycling is easy. Whether large, small, wide or skinny, plastic bottles typically go into the recycling bin.2. What’s the deal on plastic caps?Recyclers usually want your bottle caps, but unless they’ve been twisted back onto a bottle, they can fall through spaces in recycling equipment. So before tossing into the blue bin, make sure caps are screwed on. It’s also important to squeeze the bottle or wash it to remove as much of the bottle’s original contents as possible.3. Most plastic containers make the cutPlastic containers and lids are a bit trickier. While bottles are usually collected for recycling, yogurt containers or butter tubs may or may not be collected in your local community. KNIB will take most clean plastic with the numbers 1-5 on them. To find this number. look on the plastic container, usually on the bottom. There will be 3 arrows in the shape of a triangle with a number in it. If the number is a 1 - 5, then we will take it.4. Recycle plastic bags while shoppingPlastic sandwich bags, produce bags, grocery bags and more flexible plastic products can get caught in the sorting equipment at recycling facilities, so they are not collected in most curbside collection programs. But thousands of grocery stores and retailers like Target, Walmart and Lowe’s will collect plastic bags and wraps for recycling. (Check for a bin at the store entrance.) Find a drop off location near you that will take them off your hands the next time you’re out shopping.5. When in doubt, leave it outThe tips provided above should make recycling plastics a whole lot easier. But when you’re not sure whether you should recycle something, either check online to see what your community recycles or leave it out of the bin. Yes, there is a downside to guessing. Plastic items like old video cassette tapes, garden hoses, CDs and bowling balls do more than take up space. They can damage expensive recycling equipment or contaminate an otherwise valuable stream of recyclable material and make it unusable. When in doubt, leave it out.6. Skip the baggageContrary to popular belief, you should NOT bag up your recyclables before placing them in your blue bin. When plastic bags enter the recycling facility, they can shut down the sorting machines. So, skip the plastic garbage bag next time you recycle, and place your recyclable items loosely in your recycle bin.

Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Do you know any recent 2020 high school graduates who have continued on to college and need to win a $1000 scholarship to help with their schooling? Since our golf outing got moved to September, the application process got postponed. 2020 graduates can now apply for this scholarship. They need to contact Roxanne to request the application at roxanne.knib@gmail.com. The details and criteria are listed in the information packet. Please share this with recent 2020 high school graduates. Thanks!

Tuesday, September 1, 2020