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First Class General Contracting
First Class General Contracting

First Class General Contracting


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7307 N Alpine Rd , Suite E-1

Rockford, IL


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With over 40 years of combined experience, First Class General Contracting was founded with a business mission focused on offering superior quality and service. Family owned and operated, we strongly promote an atmosphere where strong relationships are formed together as a company. These strong relationships are extended with each one of our clients. Our goal is to exceed your expectations with quality workmanship, superior customer service, and a commitment to excellence. We understand that you are looking for the best services to improve the appearance and structure of your property, and we are pleased to provide you with the right solutions. First Class General Contracting specializes in restoring properties from catastrophes including wind, hail, hurricane, fire and flood damage.

First Class General Contracting takes pride in staying on top of the future in exterior renovation by using the most advanced technology and industry education to restore value in our client’s properties. Our knowledgeable associates strive to exceed customer’s expectations throughout the entire restoration process. Over the years, First Class General Contracting has realized the importance of maintaining strong operation, production and sales teams. By providing in-house, customized training courses and external education opportunities, teams are highly skilled across the industry.

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Here are 7 reasons why Fall is the right time to replace your roof.https://www.networx.com/.../7-reasons-fall-is-the-right...

Friday, October 23, 2020

Top 10 signs you should get your roof inspected before winter hits. These signs aren't always obvious from the ground or to the untrained eye. If you have any questions or would like a FREE inspection before winter hits, give First Class General Contracting a call:815-637-8992...or send us a message!1. Cracking, Leaning, Missing Mortar:Mortar should be in a solid, uniform condition. Cracking, leaning, and missing sections of your mortar can be correlated with an unstable roof.2. Bending or Drooping:If your roof line looks like it’s curving, it should be inspected by a professional roofer3. Ice Dams:As snow goes through a melting-freezing sequence, ice builds up and forms a dam in your gutters. When a roof is not properly vented, heat can escape through the shingles, causing the dormant snow on your roof to melt. The melted snow slides down the roof and accumulates in the gutters, where it re-freezes. To help prevent ice dams, keep your gutters clear of debris. You can also gently sweep the snow off the edge of the roof and verify that your attic is properly vented to keep heat from escaping to the roof.4. Sounds:Whistling winds in the home, in addition to door frames changing and doors opening on their own, can be signs of an unstable roof.5. Shingle Granules:Noticed most often when cleaning the gutters, shingle granules look like course sand. When found, it is a likely sign that the shingles should be replaced.6. Dampness:Often dampness occurs in a home because there is not proper clearing of debris in the drains and downspouts. In addition, if damp air is not being vented properly, it can seep into the attic and lead to roof instability. This is particularly an issue in kitchens and bathrooms.7. Breaking, Cracking or Missing Shingles:Usually easier to detect, these aspects are key signs to potential roofing problems.8. Roof Leaks:These can be checked from the inside of your home. A roof leak is a sign that your roof has been compromised. Signs of a roof leak include: dripping, dark spots, sagging areas, and outdoor light shining through. Joists should be monitored for woodworm, dampness, rot, and fungus.9. Curling and Buckling:When direct sunlight reaches the surface of a roof, it causes granules to weaken and shingles to start curling.10. Flat Roof:Due to a flat roof’s lack of pitch, small problems can be hard to spot, but are equally as dangerous because of the tendency for water to sit there.Avoid a major roof problem by scheduling a roof inspection before the snow & ice hits.

Friday, October 16, 2020

Did you know it's National VFW Day! Today, we honor our VFW's and it's members. #NationalVFWDay #113YearsOfVFW https://www.vfw.org/.../archives/2012/9/celebrate-vfw-day....

Tuesday, September 29, 2020

HOMEOWNER FOOD FOR THOUGHT:We recently met someone who was NOT a victim of the tornado storm that ripped through Rockford on August 10th....until the tree fell on his house some time after. He thought his house was in the clear up to that moment.One thing most homeowners wouldn't think about is how that storm effected the "still-standing" trees around their house. This particular tree was weakened by the high winds and left it in a potentially dangerous state. It fell onto the house some time after the storm and now needs home repairs. If you have trees around your house, have them checked after a high wind storm (Especially if they're already damaged or old trees) to make sure they are not weakened so you can avoid issues like this. And as always, if you do run into this situation feel free to contact our office so we can send someone out for a FREE exterior inspection on your home. 815-637-8992www.FirstClassGC.comOr send us a message...

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Friday, September 11, 2020

You may have a leaky roof after all these days of rain we have had. If you have been fortunate enough to not encounter leaks this year, check out this article on how your maintenance on your home can help prevent it from having future leaks. These are some things every homeowner should be checking up on, but its often not something that most people think about. A reliable Roofing contractor can easily identify these as well. First Class does offer FREE inspections, so if you'd like an expert opinion, we are always here and happy to help. Just give us a call at 815-637-8992#TheMoreYouKnowTheMoreYouKnow #ProtectYourInvestment https://blog.gaf.com/5-maintenance-tips-to-help-prevent-roof-leaks/

Friday, September 11, 2020

It's been a long, wet week in the stateline area. Those pesky leaks should be popping up now. Check your walls and ceilings for water marks. Don't wait too long because a tiny spot on the wall and ceiling can be covering up a larger amount of damage behind it. That includes wet/moldy insulation, damaged electrical which is very dangerous or warped structure materials. Let First Class General Contracting ease your mind!Call 815-637-8992 for your FREE inspection! Or send us a message!#FirstClassGeneralContracting #FREEInspection #FREEEstimate #FCGC2020 #ProtectYourInvestment

Friday, September 11, 2020

#TransformationTuesday #FirstClassGeneralContracting #FREEInspections #FREEEstimates #FCGC2020 Call 815-637-8992 for your free inspection!

Tuesday, September 8, 2020

This is a Roscoe home that was just finished, thanks to our guy, Chase. This home had a lot of shingles that were loose. Most loose shingles are impossible to notice from the ground. Had we not had this roof replaced, this home would've been susceptible to many leaks.First Class General Contracting is proud to serve the entire state line area for their home repair needs. If you have storm damage and would like a professional inspection, give us a call and we will have you set up with an appointment within 24 hours. We take pride in our outstanding customer service and knowledgeable professionals.Give us a call:815-637-8992Send us a message..Or visit our website to get your FREE Inspection!www.FirstClassGC.com

Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Check out this event! No need to bring anything. Everything is supplied and the kids get to come have a good time with us! We love to see the community come together for any reason and what better reason than for the kids? Check out more details in the event page. https://www.facebook.com/events/1676172392563948/

Monday, August 31, 2020