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Welcome Vanakkam India!

Welcome Vanakkam India!

Rockford Buzz

Posted On: April 10, 2024


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Vanakkam India has opened at 1620 N Bell School Rd, Rockford, IL 61107. With classic flavors from the heart of India, you can travel the world with every bite. Keep reading for all the spicy details!

You cannot have Indian food without Naan, and Vanakkam has four types for you to choose from. We tried the Garlic & Cilantro flavor and it was amazing! Buttery flavors really come through along with the classic toasty flavor from the clay oven. Find your favorite flavor and enjoy!

Next up was their Lamb Tikka Masala, pieces of lamb cooked in creamy onion tomato sauce flavored with spices. We ordered a medium spice level and it definitely had a kick! The sauce is creamy and flavorful. The lamb is mild and fun deviation from the usual chicken. Served with cumin rice this is a delicious meal that won't leave you hungry.

We also ordered their House Special Chicken Curry, a special home style chicken curry made of chef's secret recipe. I don't know what in it, and I don't care... this curry was fantastic! The medium spice certainly wakes up your sinus system, in the best way. The flavors were out of this world. This is not a cream-based sauce, so it has a lighter texture. The chicken pieces were generous and the chicken was tender and delicious. This is a house favorite for sure!

Because we simply couldn't stop, we also had to try their Chicken Tekka Kabob, boneless chicken cubes marinated with ginger, garlic, herbs, yogurt, and spices skewered and roasted in the clay oven. The flavor of this chicken was delicious and the fresh salad was a perfect addition to our meal. This is perfect for fans of a milder flavor and was a hit for the kids.  

If you find yourself on the east end of town and want a meal that will let you explore the world, try Vanakkam India. See you there, Rockford!