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Victorious Meal at The Kitchen Tap Wall & Grill

Victorious Meal at The Kitchen Tap Wall & Grill
Rockford Buzz

Rockford Buzz

Posted On: November 1, 2023


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Rockford is such a great place to be a foodie and this week's feature, The Kitchen Tap Wall & Grill, is no exception. Located at 7003 North Alpine Road, Loves Park inside Victory Pickleball, this new addition to town is worth the stop even if you aren't a pickleball fan.

First of all, let's talk about the 30 taps on the wall! You heard that right...30. Everything from a lineup of domestic and tap beers to wines, and house mixes like their margarita. This serve-yourself tap wall comes with a card that you tap prior to pouring, it keeps track of your tab and you check out at the end. Want a half glass of margarita, go for it. Like your pour straight to the rim, let 'er rip. And I highly recommend their house margarita.

When it is time to order food, you can order online via a QR code on every table, or let them know you prefer a server to help you out. If you order online, all of your food is served at once so be sure to pace your order if you prefer your appetizer first. We started off with their cheese curds. You can request your choice of dipping sauce and we went with pizza sauce. These white cheddar cheese curds came out piping hot with a crispy batter shell and a melty paradise on the inside. Dusted with garlic parmesan, these are sure to please the crowd.

We also tried their burger and chicken sandwiches, with a twist. The Kitchen Tap Wall & Grill offers three ways to get a sandwich: classic, baja, or buff. We sampled the baja burger: a quarter-pound burger topped with black bean hummus, guac, cotija cheese, pickled red onions, lettuce, and tomato. Choose your burger temp and enjoy this fresh flavor that has a little kick behind it. The guac is super fresh and this is a filling burger! And for as loaded as it arrives, the bun is robust enough to handle the job. Add your side of choice and enjoy!

Next up was the buff chicken sandwich with, you just it, buffalo sauce! But also: blue cheese dressing, garlic aioli, lettuce, and tomato. The chicken was so tender and juicy, and cooked perfectly. The sauces brought so much flavor to this sandwich and melted together beautifully. No one flavor overwhelmed the others.  

Eat your meal on the decks overlooking the courts or inside. We can't wait to go back to try the rest of the menu. See you there, Rockford!