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Trinadora - 400 Years of American Music at Cucina Di Rosa




Trinadora - 400 Years of American Music at Cucina Di Rosa

Hosted by Cucina Di Rosa






Saturday, July 04

6:00 PM - 9:00 PM


Cucina Di Rosa

1620 N. Bell School Rd, Rockford, IL 61107


(815) 395-5040

Cucina Di Rosa






Join us at 6pm to celebrate July 4th with outdoor music at Cucina Di Rosa. We'll celebrate our country's heritage with a sampling of music that spans pre-colonial days to the current era. Music of the Islands, Appalachia, the Civil War era, the Roaring 20s, the Sun Studio era, the British Invasion, disco, the current era, and lots more. From 8pm to 9pm, we'll crank up the volume and play some musical fireworks with a big sampling of American rock and roll from the past 70 years. If you have not received your complementary 'Distance' pre-release CD, ask for your copy on July 4th. We play jazz, folk, blues, country, ethnic, and pop music with vocals, keyboard, ocarina, harmonica, concertina, guitar, jSax, laptop steel, ukulele, and bass. Originals, standards, and traditional songs – all with an Americana twist. We suggest reservations; please phone 815.395.5040. Of course this is a 'conditions permitting' situation, so please watch this Facebook event as the date approaches - especially if the weather looks 'iffy'. There is no indoor alternative. Better yet, subscribe to our newsletter at www.trinadora.com. We'll email an event status update if any changes are needed.