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Tikka Masala at House of India Restaurant

Tikka Masala at House of India Restaurant

Rockford Buzz

Posted On: June 12, 2024


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When I think of spice, I instantly think of Indian food. While the spice that traditional Indian dishes are famous for adds a ton of flavor and life, it doesn't always mean heat. Even those with a milder temperature tolerance can enjoy the beautiful tastes of House of India, located at 6430 E Riverside Blvd, Loves Park, IL 61111.

Levels of spiciness are controlled by chilis, which can easily be added to or omitted from recipes. At House of India, they have three levels to choose from: mild, medium, and hot.

We ordered two entrees: Tandoori Chicken and Lamb Tikka Masala; as well as the accompanying sides: Saffron Rice and Garlic Naan.

Tandoori chicken is marinated in yogurt and spices in a tandoor (clay oven). While this ranked mild on the spice level, the spices used to marinate the chicken were phenomenal. The chicken was cooked so tender that it practically fell off the bone and the flavor is just delicious. Who knew yogurt could be a marinade and nail the job?! Served piping hot with a large lemon wedge and on a bed of onions, this is a dish that can please the whole table.

We decided on the Lamb Tikka Masala because it is a fan favorite. The dish is bite-sized pieces of lamb in a spiced curry sauce. The curry is creamy and orange-red. This is where the saffron rice comes in! You ladle the Tikka Masala over the rice and create your own dish. I ordered the medium spice, and I feel like this is safe for milder temperature tolerances (unless you let leftovers sit and marinate for 24 hours). I will definitely be ordering this hot next time. I can't get enough of spicy food and I think this dish can only get better with additional heat!

Let's talk about the Naan... You are in for a treat! House of India has multiple flavors of Naan, and you definitely want to order some for the table (or yourself) to enjoy. It arrives at the table freshly prepared and so wonderfully warm.

No matter what you choose from their extensive menu, it is sure to please! Step out of your box and try something new!