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Sushi at Shogun

Sushi at Shogun
Rockford Buzz

Rockford Buzz

Posted On: December 21, 2022


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When was the last time you visited Shogun? We headed out for a celebration and sushi!

Shogun is one of those places where you can never restrain yourself to only order one thing, so wear your stretchy pants and go all in.  

We started with gyoza, a steamed dumpling filled with meat and veggies. The texture of the gyoza was perfect, and paired with the dipping sauce this dish is the perfect start to any Shogun meal.  

You can’t go wrong with sushi at Shogun. They have simple flavors, such as the salmon roll, yellowtail roll, etc., to very detailed rolls such as the Rockford Roll and more. Keep in mind that you can request hand rolled for many of the choices! Shogun is known for their fresh sushi and did not disappoint.

Even though we sat on the cafe side, we gave a grill recipe a try. The Beef Teriyaki was an impressive assortment of veggies, steak, and rice. Cooked to your preference, the steak is delicious, and treated to a splash of teriyaki sauce to enhance it’s flavor. The fresh vegetables come in a huge portion to help keep you full.

Shogun is a great choice for any celebration, or just Wednesday. So go ahead, make today a celebration.