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Pints for Pups - Bring your Dog Every Monday on our Patio

Pints for Pups - Bring your Dog Every Monday on our Patio




Pints for Pups - Bring your Dog Every Monday on our Patio

The Olympic Tavern

The Olympic Tavern


Monday, June 12

4:00 PM - 10:00 PM

The Olympic Tavern

2327 N Main St, Rockford, IL 61103

(815) 962-8758

The Olympic Tavern


Bring your four legged friends and join us EVERY MONDAY AFTER 4PM as we let the Olympic go to the dogs.

Weather permitting, join us on our patio, and bring your dog too! The Olympic Tavern will donate $.50 per every Lagunitas beer sold on the event day to a local dog charity (previous recipients have included Canine Corners - Rockford Park District, Noah's Ark Animal Hospital Rockford Illinois and others). Lagunitas Brewing Co will MATCH our donation at the end of the year. Plus we'll have some weekly giveaways from Lagunitas for all attendees!

Rules & Formalities:

*Please see our host for patio seating. If the deck tables are full, we'll put you on a waitlist for patio seating.

*Dogs must remain on-leash.

*Rules are pretty much the same as the dog park:

*you are responsible for your dog, & you are responsible for cleaning up your dog’s waste,

*no unfixed males, females in heat, or puppies under 4 months,

*your dog must be under your control at all times -- unruly or aggressive dogs will be asked to leave,

*despite the name, the pints are for YOU, not the dogs (please don't try to get your dog drunk -- not a great idea).

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