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Pasta Flight and No Mercy at The Pomodoro

Pasta Flight and No Mercy at The Pomodoro

Rockford Buzz

Posted On: May 8, 2024


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The Pomodoro at 6500 E Riverside Blvd, Loves Park, IL 61111, has an amazing menu waiting for you to discover your new favorite. We headed out to give it a try!  

First off, we had to start with Mozzarella Pomodoro, two jumbo pieces of fresh, breaded handcut mozzarella deep fried and served with marinara. When they say jumbo, they mean it! This shareable appetizer is for cheese lovers everywhere. They even top the cheese with more cheese! What else could you ask for? A generous serving of sauce ensures everyone can dip to their heart's content.

After that, we dove right into their Pasta Flight. Select any 3 of their specialty pastas to create your own experience. This is the perfect go to for you if you can never decide which pasta you want. We tried the Eight Finger Cavatelli, Short Rib Pasta, and Gnocchi Alfredo. The Eight Finger is a house specialty: handrolled cavatelli- made fresh everyday; ricotta, provolone, parmesan, breadcrumbs, all in vodka sauce. This is a doughy pasta with an indulgent texture you can't experience anywhere else! The Short Rib pasta is penne, 8-hour braised short rib, red wine, beef broth, and parmesan that makes a savory pasta that can warm you straight to the soul. There is a generous portion of meat and the pasta is prepared perfectly. The Gnocchi is stuffed with Ricotta, pan-fried, and served in house alfredo with parmesan. Biting into these releases the ricotta in a pleasantly melty delight. Never having to commit to a single pasta again is a life changer!

We couldn't leave without trying the No Mercy pizza. Edge to edge pepperoni, stacked 2-3 deep with fresh mozzarella. This pizza has so much pepperoni it comes off a bit spicy, but pepperoni lovers will rejoice over the flavor. New York style slices are foldable and delicious!

Stop out to The Pomodoro for your next lunch or dinner! You can't go wrong with a great menu, awesome staff, and full bar. See you there, Rockford!