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Laotian Specialties at Pho 27

Laotian Specialties at Pho 27
Rockford Buzz

Rockford Buzz

Posted On: January 24, 2024


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You probably drive by it more than you think, but have you stopped into Pho 27 at 298 N Mulford Rd, Rockford, IL 61107? This local restaurant has traditional dishes made from love and family recipes. Keep reading to hear about our visit!

First of all, shout out to the amazing service at Pho 27. Our experience with the food was stellar, but the awesome service made it even better.  

We started with crab rangoon, and these are huge! A great shareable to kick off your meal that arrives piping hot and with a generous serving of sweet and sour for your dipping pleasure. These have a savory filling that pairs perfectly with the sauce.

Next up, we tried the Specialty Fried Rice: stir-fried white rice with homemade sweet sausage, BBQ pork, shrimp, egg, carrots, green beans, peas, corn, cilantro, scallions, and green and red bell peppers. This dish was packed with protein and a heaping serving that could satisfy a big appetite. The veggies were fresh and cooked perfectly to maintain their crisp. The flavors all worked so well together and the meats were delicious. This one is a fan favorite and we understand why!

Upon recommendation, we tried the Laotian Heaven Beef: Laotian street style beef jerky, served with sticky rice. Our wonderful server told us this was a dish that keeps people coming back, and we believe it! The beef has a crispy jerky texture but the flavors just pop! Served with a house made sauce that has a mild heat, this is the perfect dish for mild spice fans who want to expand their palate in an interesting way. The sticky rice is served in a basket and has that fun sticky texture. The flavor is almost sweet for the beef, making this an easy dish for everyone to enjoy.

We also ordered a side of noodles, which came in a heaping bowl that could have probably been a meal of it's own. We love a restaurant with large portions and that is certainly what you'll get at Pho 27. Stop on in for pho or any of their delicious dishes. See you there, Rockford!