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Italian Feast at Sam’s on Harlem

Italian Feast at Sam’s on Harlem
Rockford Buzz

Rockford Buzz

Posted On: April 5, 2023


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Now we know if you are a fan of Sam’s Pizza… you have a particular Sam’s that you like to frequent. We decided to start making the rounds and started with Sam’s on Harlem!

We kicked things off with their specialty salad. Home dressing, loaded with cheese, eggs, and Italian sausage… this is always a crowd-pleaser and worth the upgrade.

We had the whole family along this time and the classic Italian dishes like angel hair pasta with their house sauce kept the kids busy with no complaints at the dinner table.

Next was their Fettuccini Alfredo. You can pick your protein, and we opted for the classic chicken. The star of the show was their homemade Alfredo sauce. The consistency was spot on and the portion was perfect. Not a dry noodle on the plate. If you are an Alfredo fan… this is definitely one to try.

I feel like no Italian restaurant review is complete without trying the Chicken Parmigiana. Two chicken breasts fried crispy, topped with mozzarella, and then layered with house sauce… you can’t go wrong. Served on a bed of fettuccine, this is a dish that won’t leave you hungry. The chicken was cooked perfectly. The crisp remained while leaving the meat juicy. The house sauce is savory and the fettuccini was served with a spoon for twirling perfection.

Entrees come with ice cream, so don’t forget to enjoy a scoop before you leave!

Stop into Sam’s on Harlem for classic Italian favorites.