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In the Outdoors: Growing a Garden

In the Outdoors: Growing a Garden




In the Outdoors: Growing a Garden

Rockford Park District

Rockford Park District


Saturday, April 15

1:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Rockford Park District

401 S. Main Street, Rockford , IL 61101

(815) 987-8800

Rockford Park District


What does it take to grow a garden? Why are native plants so important to have? What goes in a compost? How can it help a garden? In the spirit of National Gardening Day on April 14th, learn gardening and composting basics! We will help get you started on planting seeds that you can transplant into a pot or garden at home.

Be “In the Outdoors” all season long, rain or shine, you can’t go wrong! It’s great for all ages, through all of life’s stages. Bring your scout group, or your whole family!

Events are FREE, pre-registration is highly recommended.

In the Outdoors events are sponsored by Rock River Disposal.

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