Dinner at Lino's

Dinner at Lino's

Rockford Buzz

Posted On: April 13, 2022



Lino’s has been serving Italian classics since 1971. With the unique atmosphere, special recipes, and excellent service, we can understand why they have been a major part of the 815 for over 5 decades. 

This was definitely not our first time visiting Lino’s, but it is the first time we have reviewed the food!

First things first, Lino’s salad. I mean, do we need to say more? The bottomless salad is something we have all craved at some point or another. The dressing is perfectly paired and able to be requested on the side if you prefer. The fresh Italian sausage and hard boiled eggs are the crown of this first course. Did you even truly experience Lino’s if you didn’t eat your weight in the salad? 

Next we enjoyed the Toasted Ravioli as an appetizer. My personal favorite is the GENEROUS amount of sauce that comes with it. No small side cups here! It makes a great addition to dip your bread in as well. The toasted ravioli always comes out piping out with delicious cheese melted inside. Always a hit for a table shareable.

For entrees we enjoyed the Saltimbocca Alla Romana (two hand cut, tender veal cutlets seasoned with fresh sage, layered with prosciutto, and sautéed in butter), and half Mostaccioli and half Tortellini in Lino’s famous red sauce.

We all know that Lino’s pasta is amazing. You cannot go wrong with the perfectly al dente dishes that start off the menu. The mostaccioli is my personal favorite, especially when you add a meatball… but if you haven’t explored the Italian classics on the menu as well, you are missing out.

The Saltimbocca Alla Romana was divine! This was my first experience with veal, and it was so tender and perfectly prepared. This dish is rich, sautéed in butter, with a healthy seasoning of salt and spices to even out the flavor and delight your senses. Each bite was as delicious as the last. If you prefer a more familiar flavor, you can order this dish with chicken.

Don’t forget to save room for ice cream at the end of your meal. A healthy scoop of one of their many flavors is the perfect ending to your dining experience.