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Culture Shock – Clothing and Records
Culture Shock – Clothing and Records

Culture Shock – Clothing and Records


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2239 Charles St,

Rockford, IL


(815) 229-2997


Visit Skyler & Lauren @ Culture Shock!

Established in Rockford IL in 2006.

CULTURE SHOCK is home for NEW/SEALED and USED Vinyl Records of every genre, Vintage Audio Equipment, funky eclectic clothing and accessories, fun and functional gifts, and great LOCALLY made items that show off our local culture. Every item we carry is unique in some way, and there truly is something for EVERYONE no matter what age, style or walk of life.

We are big supporters of the BUY LOCAL lifestyle, so if we don't have what you are looking for, you better believe we will point you to a place that does. We want our community to be thriving with local businesses and we stand behind that firmly.





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Recent Posts

New release records for your quarantine- Pearl Jam, Miles Davis, Waxahatchee, Amon Duul II, Dio, Beastie Boys, Denzel Curry, Knxwledge, Herbie Hancock, Bon Iver, Brother Ali, AK79 comp, Jon Hassell, IGORRR, Jimi Hendrix, Irist, Type O Negative, Kids See Ghosts (Kanye/Kid Cudi), Stormzy, My Chemical Romance, Soccer Mommy, Sufjan Stevens. Plus we have thousands of other records in stock.While we are closed to the public temporarily, keep in mind you can call or message us for curbside pickup, Free Local Delivery and $5 Shipping in the 48. We will be available for this Fri and Sat 11-6. Thank you. @ Culture Shock - Clothing and Records

Friday, March 27, 2020

We’ve got a gigaton of the new PEARL JAM album “Gigaton” in! Even though we can’t be open like normal, we are getting a huge batch of Friday new releases ready. If you need any of these Pearl Jam or other records please read>.1. Send us what you would like along with your email, name & phone # in a message to receive an invoice.2. Call us between 11-6 to pay by phone.3. We will be available Fri & Sat between 11-6 for parking lot pickups or after 6 for local deliveries..Thank you for your support through this ❤️

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Ahhh! The scary things you find in record stores. 😆We are getting some records together for shipping/delivery. We will also have new releases in this week. We have over 15,000 records in stock, so please send over your requests in a message. More updates coming soon. P.S.- don’t draw on any non-Ted Nugent records 😊

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

📣UPDATE MARCH 23📣An essential Culture Shock update to our amazing friends and customersGetting hit with a closure is the most unimaginable place we would expect to be. Until we reopen, we will be working on getting the store to be even better. This might mean some renovation or some rearranging... You'll have to wait and see. <3We will keep you posted and will be checking our social media messages many times daily for any questions or special requests you may have.It has been amazing to see our community pulling together and showing huge support for their neighbors and local businesses and restaurants hurt by Covid-19. Many of you have asked us how you can help the Culture Shock crew through this. GREAT NEWS.Gift cards are available and if you would like to purchase one or send one to a friend, please message us with your email and address and the amount you would like.And of course, the best way to support will always be word of mouth! We appreciate all of the shares and messages and hope to see a boom of old and new faces checking out the store as soon as we are allowed to reopen.Be safe and stay positive, we love you all! <3–Lauren & Skyler

Monday, March 23, 2020

Closed for now...until the end of the Shelter in Place mandate, or until further notice from government. We will update you by Monday with how things will work! Thank you so much for supporting us this week with your love and orders and support. ♥️

Saturday, March 21, 2020

OUR NEXT STEPS: 🕯 Tonight we will officially close (our walk-in retail) for a couple weeks. If you want to stock up on records and books—All books are 25% off today! We also have this very special candle that local candle company Candle Crest, just literally 39 seconds ago dropped off to burn the next couple of weeks.We are open until 5pm today which is when we will have to close our storefront for a couple weeks which is 100% the right thing to do to help stop the spread of this virus.We are very sad to not see people every day but we are absolutely in agreeance with this measure.We have some very special rules in place today and have been going above and beyond the last 2 weeks to make sure we can continue to be a store that survives and that you love when this is all over. (We have some ideas of how you can love us through it too but we will put out info on that later)TODAY:- 4 people in the store at a time, please stay 6 ft away from each other. If there are 4 people we will ask you to wait outside or in your car for a bit. Thanks for understanding.- we will absolutely ask you to wash your hands as you come in.- we are wiping down screens, doors, and all surfaces possible to us every half hour.We will close our walk-in retail at 5pm. We appreciate your love and support of ALL local businesses right now. This is an uncertain time for everyone. Businesses, people, moms, dads, grandparents, entrepreneurs, the workforce. We do not take you for granted.

Saturday, March 21, 2020

🌟Funko Pop! Friday⭐️ We have some awesome new Pop Vinyl in- 🤘SLAYER🤘, Ghost, Sting, Rob Zombie and many more music and non-music and limited edition Funko Pops here. We are open temp hours 11am-3pm Mon-Sat, and you can request parking lot pickup for a contact free purchase by sending a message or calling us 815-229-2997. Gift cards are available as well. Thank you for your support through normal times and times like this. We love y’all ❤️🙏😊 -the Culture Shock Crew @ Culture Shock - Clothing and Records

Friday, March 20, 2020

The Weekly Vinyl Haul is here!!! And there are 4 ways to Buy!1️⃣ Call or message us for curbside pickup!2️⃣ Don’t want to leave your house? We will do FREE Local Delivery!3️⃣ Call in your order and we will ship it for $5 through the 48 states!4️⃣ Open limited hours from 11-3, M-Sat, & we will have you wash your hands and follow a few rules upon entering the building.New Vinyl for the week of 3/20/2020 includes: Beneath the Massacre, DIO, Downpresser, Les Claypool’s Fearless Frog Brigade, Lucifer, Matrix Soundtrack and Pentagram. Restocks first the include Big Thief, Cranberries, Intronaut, Mac Miller, Mr. T Experience, My Chemical Romance, Primus, Silverchair and Wilco !!!! Plenty of New Vinyl and Restocks Every Week! Make sure to stop in.As of now we’re Open Limited Hours Monday - Saturday 11am - 3pm!!!

Friday, March 20, 2020

Looking for a complete stereo system to tie the room together? This setup features a Sansui Turntable, Luxman Receiver and a pair of Yamaha Bookshelf Speakers. This setup is a perfect addition to any household and all together runs only $250. Give us a call at the store ( 815-229-2997 ) for curbside pickup or delivery options. @ Culture Shock - Clothing and Records

Thursday, March 19, 2020

🤘🏻😷🤘🏻Haha thanks for sending this our way @cwluecke

Wednesday, March 18, 2020