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Cultural Kaleidoscope

Cultural Kaleidoscope




Cultural Kaleidoscope

Test Site

Test Site


Friday, April 19

5:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Test Site

213 N 3rd st, Rockford, IL 61107

(815) 985-8604

Test Site

Spring Art Scene, Curator Melissa Santillan will host Cultural Kaleidoscope. This will be Performance & Visual Artists, with live barber and beauty showcases, a live music group, Unscripted with Melissa Santillan podcast holding live interviews, and Icon Studios will have a live studio session.

Visual Artists:

Kelvin Candie

Manny ChinaCat Tang

Drew Eurek

Rico Alvarado

Rose Salinas

Mark Dahlburg

Patricia Chavez Jimenez

Angel Villalpondo

Nayeli Villalpondo

Tania Medina

Mario Duarte

Daisy Avila

Marquez Tatum

Eamonn James Talkington

Performance Artists:

Melissa Santillan

Daisy Avila

Tony Alfaro

Beli Martinez

Rebecca Minjarez

Marquez Tatum

Live Music:

Herencia Del Rancho

Date & Time:

Friday, April 19 from 5pm-9pm

Saturday, April 20 from 4pm-10pm


Test Site Art Foundation

Upper level

213 N. 3rd street

Rockford, Illinois 61107

Any and all donations are appreciated, please scan the QR codes for more information

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