Color Weekends




Color Weekends





Friday, June 03

8:00 PM - 11:59 PM


530 E Grand Ave, Beloit, WI 53704


Pink: June 3 - 4

Red: June 10 - 11

Blue: 17 - 18

Green: 24 - 25

Each weekend we are pulling together a themed party based off a color. We will be charging $5 security and decor cover, but if you wear that weeks color (50% of your outfit) then there is no charge. Come be a part of the madness.

June 3: Pink Flamingo Listening Party, pink drinks, pink cups, pink all around. Playlist: Pink Floyd, Weezer’s Pinkerton album, this Pink song by Aerosmith is worth the watch trust us - video, and more

June 4: Pretty in Pink Bday Party, it is Kelsey’s 29th bday and she wants to throw herself a mock-surprise party for herself (her real bday, our real silly idea). Come in pink, try the pink drinks. Bday girl grand entrance at 10 PM. $10 entrance, $5 if you’re in pink, comes with a free birthday cake shot on the house.

June 10: Red Red Wine Night, we have some new wines, come try them with us. $5 entrance, comes with a sample of 4 wines. Yes, we will play this tune at least once, but this is the original.

June 11: Left on Red Party, a broken hearts and post-post-way-post Anti-Valentines Day party. Also, get cheesy with your loved one and come out and be cute and take pictures by our heart-shaped stuff.

June 17: Feeling Blue Emo Music Night.

June 18: Blue Bubble Party, we already regret this idea.

June 24: Green Bay Packers Jersey night, this isn’t really our forte so let us dream up some ideas for drinks… $5 cover unless you have a Green Bay Packers jersey or hat on.

June 25: Any Green Vessel Night, bring (nearly) anything that can hold liquid for yourself to enjoy drinking out of. Fine print: try to have something that holds 12oz, no larger than Lady the corgi, wash it ahead of time, we won’t be washing your vessels, nothing illegal, we will make the drink in our mixer tins and pour it into your vessel.


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