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Brunch at The Top

Brunch at The Top
Rockford Buzz

Rockford Buzz

Posted On: October 18, 2023


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The Top Rooftop Bar & Lounge at 416 S Main Street, 12th Floor, Rockford, IL 61101 just unveiled their new brunch menu, and let us tell you... it's hitting all those charcuterie vibes. We had to dive into a few boards ourselves!

Grab your friends for this shareable brunch experience at The Top! They have several boards to pick and choose your brunch favorites. If you don't like to share, no worries... they have individual brunch items as well. And make sure to check out the cocktail menu! You can't go wrong, from classic mimosas to crafted flavors like blueberry pancake and cinnamon roll.

We started with the Sweet Board: muffins, danish, crème brûlée waffle, scones, syrup, honey butter, regular butter, and assorted berries. This tray has morning smiles written all over it. The crème brûlée waffles were so delicious that we actually ordered an extra plate for the table. Belgian waffle is the base, and it's topped with a generous dollop of vanilla crème brûlée and berries. Served with syrup, this was a crowd favorite. The scones and other sweets were all so fresh and delicious. The honey butter was a delightful addition to this beautiful spread.

We also tried the Traditional Breakfast Board: cheesy scrambled eggs, herb roasted potatoes, ham, jalapeño bacon, cracked pepper bacon, breakfast sausage, tri-colored tomatoes, English muffins, honey butter, strawberry jam, and habanero bacon jam. Jalapeno bacon was a first for me, and I loved the spicy kick that accompanied nature's meat candy. If spicy isn't your jam, the cracked pepper bacon is a classic favorite. Normally ham is the leftover meat on a tray such as this... but don't rule out this ham! It packed an awesome flavor punch and stood alone as its own star on this board. The breakfast sausage is a chorizo sausage, but not greasy at all. The flavor was on point and not too spicy. Definitely give the bacon jam a try on the biscuit or english muffin, but the housemade strawberry jam is amazing as well! Loaded with eggs and roasted potatoes, this board is the full breakfast experience.

Two boards fed our table of 4 perfectly, with some bonus leftovers. Enjoy an amazing brunch with stunning views of downtown from The Top! See you there, Rockford.