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Breakfast at Potato Shak

Breakfast at Potato Shak
Rockford Buzz

Rockford Buzz

Posted On: November 15, 2023


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If you haven't been to Potato Shak... what have you been doing for breakfast all these years? Potato Shak, located at 5529 N 2nd St, Loves Park, has been a community staple for decades and is serving up an amazing diner experience.

We tried to order as much as possible because it's all so delicious! But we narrowed it down to a few dishes. We started with the savory side: steak and eggs, and biscuits and gravy. If you love a good biscuit and gravy, this is the place! The biscuits had the perfect texture. They weren't dry or chewy at all. They tasted freshly baked and delicious. The gravy you can tell is made in house, and the flavor is spot on. You can't go wrong with this classic dish. The steak and eggs is a great dish for the meat and potato fan at the table. The steak is cooked to your preferred temperature and served with eggs made your way.

I love it when a breakfast spot serves amazing bacon that knocks your socks off. We ordered crispy, and we got crispy. I think I've made my point. And we couldn't talk about Potato Shak without... potatoes! Enjoy your generous serving of American fries with many of their popular breakfast, or order a side to add to your meal of choice. You won't regret these delicious spuds.

We moved on to the sweeter side of things with pancakes and french toast. The french toast was covered in delicious batter and the huge pancakes were cooked to golden brown perfection. Served with butter and syrup, these are a sweet start to any day.

Potato Shak is cash only, but they do have an ATM on-site for your convenience. 

Whether you are a regular, or trying it for the first time, we hope you have an awesome breakfast and enjoy the wonderful staff at Potato Shak for your next breakfast. See you there, Rockford!