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Birria Tuesdays

Birria Tuesdays

Birria Tuesdays

Lucha Cantina

Lucha Cantina


Every Tuesday

1641 N Alpine Rd, Ste 212

Rockford, IL

(815) 977-4319

Lucha Cantina

⭐️ Let me tell you WHY our customers PLAN on Tuesday BIRRIA Nights: ⭐️

- Our Birria is Manny's family's recipe

- It is slow simmered for many hours and made fresh in our kitchen from real ingredients.

- Absolutely 💯 the most tender and juiciest taco ever.

- Flavorfully explosive and delicious

- Served with the juices rendered!

Friends... it's TUESDAY! That means it's BIRRIA TACO DAY! The smells of the slow roasted beef coming from the kitchen are out of this world.

🌮 Come see us! 🌮

Open for indoor-dining as well as Curbside!

1️⃣ Order/make reservations through our Website:

2️⃣ Or By phone: (815) 977-4319

Pickup/Dine in at 1641 N Alpine Rd

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