Battle at Levings




Battle at Levings

Rockford Park District

Rockford Park District



Sunday, July 24

5:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Levings Park

1420 S. Pierpont Ave., Rockford , IL 61101

(815) 987-8800

Rockford Park District


Presented by City of Rockford and supported by grants received from Illinois Arts Council.

An open invite Breakin battle! Cash prize and more!

1 on 1 breaking battle!

1st place $300

2nd place $175

Judges- For battle at Levings we have gathered a panel of judges that expand several eras and generations of Rockford's history!

Ricardo Sena ( @imsosacash ) has only been in a few competitions but has been in dozens of battles ( yes there’s a difference) by the age of 16 he had gained respect and recognition all over the city! His fearlessness and aggressive techniques made him the perfect opponent. Tales of quinceñera,house party and school hallway battles still echo to this day!

Kid Jungle ( @thebboykidjungle ) KJ is a footwork pioneer and a bboy vagabond! He travel all over the midwest just to get a round in needles to say he left his mark! Locally known as a member of the Master Minds Crew and known globally as a member of the legendary Phaze ll crew! He’s been active for almost 30 years and is packed with tons of wisdom and knowledge.

Strezz (@imagicknation ) abstract, unorthodox, graceful and powerful this Auburn alumni has defied the laws of gravity, I've seen it with my own eyes! Strezz is fully equipped with a variety of difficult moves and styles and the ability execute with ease!

Laying the Breaks the one and only - the Cheif Rocka - Rick Monsta! Rick Monsta is a Rockford, Illinois native, he has been in the game for over 15 years strong professionally. He prides himself in being able to mix and play any and all genres. From Hip-Hop to Latin music, radio mixes to club sets, basement parties to Festival stages. There’s not a party he hasn’t rocked, and always leaves a strong, standing impression on the crowd in attendance.

Supa Bro Bros- If you like hip-hop and you want to see something different in the live setting, Coppa and Mic Check, the Supa Bro Bos are going to provide that for you! Both of these natives of Rockford have traveled the country for nearly 2 decades! From large festivals to underground shows, main stream acts and indie icons this dynamic due is ready to ROCK any stage with a one of a kind performance!

Chemistry-is the hip hop r&b super-duo composed of Baltimore -based rapper and singer Jay Church and Rockford southsider Fligh Jones! They are currently working on their debut album underneath the supervision of the Legendary DJ Neal!


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