A Family Review of Tavern On Clark

A Family Review of Tavern On Clark

Rockford Buzz

Posted On: June 22, 2022



Sometimes we make these food reviews a family affair! So, we headed out to Tavern On Clark to enjoy their dog-friendly patio with Remi.

We started with the calamari appetizer. Tavern On Clark offers a sweet chili and a marinara sauce, perfect for a house with divided tastes. The calamari is fried and served crisp with a large lemon wedge. The sauces are dished generously, so you do not have to worry about that awkward dip-to-snack ratio error.

Our entree came with soup or salad, and of course, we chose the soup... on a 95-degree day, in the sun. We do this for you, Rockford. And because no one wants to read a food review about salad...

We had to sample their house specialty, the baked french onion soup. Served in the piping hot bowl it was baked in, this broth-based soup is loaded with onions, bread, and melted cheese. Definitely worth the experience, even on a hot evening.

The soup was followed by another Tavern on Clark specialty, the salmon oscar. A generous portion of salmon with crab, shrimp, and hollandaise sauce, served with asparagus and potatoes. This is a fun way to jazz up a few dishes at Tavern on Clark. Just ask to have it oscar style! The salmon was cooked well and the oscar style toppings were generously applied.

As usual, some of us get a little too excited for dessert and take a bite before the work is done... resulting in a food review photo of cheesecake with a missing bite. We decided to add caramel to the cheesecake and we were not disappointed! There was plenty of caramel for every bite of dessert.

Special shout out to our amazing server Gabbie! She faced the heat to make our dining experience wonderful and brought Remi some ice to munch on. The food and service were spectacular, and we hope you give them a try for your next dining experience!

*Also a special shout out to the bravest bird in town who silently stared down a bird dog, within reach, for much of our meal.